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This 50 mile all day beginner ride takes you into the Tushar Mountains. You will travel through the multiple environments to the base of towering Mount Baldy.  From T.H.A.T Shop we will cross over Tanner Mountain into Indian Creek, then travel up Twitchell Canyon. The scenic views along this ride are unparalleled. A lunch stop will take place at Manderfield Reservoir where restroom facilities are available. There are multiple water crossings on this ride with the end destination being Picture Rock. 

All trips have the option between a Guided Tour and Self Guided Tour. As well as the perfect machine to fit your needs, the machines we have in inventory can be found here

*All drivers of off-road vehicles are required to be 18+ years of age with a valid driver’s license. All passengers must be able to grasp handhold with their hands, plant feet firmly on the ground and have their back fully against the backrest. Helmets and eye protection are always required to be worn when the vehicle is being operated. Long pants, a long sleeve shirt and closed-toe shoes are highly recommended for a safe, comfortable ride.

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We recommend that every rider wear long sleeves, long pants, and closed shoes. For proper protection from the elements.

Yes as long as it meets the DOT requirement.

As a lot of our rides move through multiple climates and different elevations we recommend you bring and extra layer like a hoodie or jacket.
Sunscreen and water are other very important items to help you prevent sunburn and dehydration.
Eye protection is required for all rides, so bring sunglasses or googles.

*If you need any of these extras we have them available in T.H.A.T. Shop.